City teacher’s union hosts day of anti-bullying training for students

NEW YORK — Bullying continues to be a daily concern for students and their parents across the country with more than half of students self-reporting some sort of bullying either in person or online each year.

Now one of the City’s largest and most powerful unions is doing something about it.

The United Federation of Teachers welcomed 300 hundred middle schoolers to its Lower Manhattan campus Thursday.

Using interactive demonstrations and games, the 6th and 7th graders learned not just how to prevent bullying, but also how to better understand why bullying happens.

NYPD school resource officers began the day by acting out different types of bullying on stage. Then they called 6th grader Christopher Caston of Brooklyn and other students to ask them how they’d respond to different types of situations.

“Nobody should get bullied,” Caston said. “It something happened you should talk to someone never take it out on others.”

Other activities included interactive games like a take on Family Feud.

“The hope is that it’ll resonate,” said UFT Director of Staff Anthony Harmon. “They’ll then take this back to their home schools and become better citizens.”

It's the second year the UFT has hosted the day-long event.  Miss New York Rahmeka Cox even dropped by to kick off the event this year.

The idea is to get a different local celebrity each year to grab the children’s attention. Last year, it was some members of the New York Jets.

“These kids had compelling answers,” Cox said after speaking with the group. “They know how to answer everything, and honestly all I had to do was add in a couple of facts, so they know what their rights are as students.”

Anti-bullying resources are available here:

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