100 low-income NYC moms will get $13,320 to participate in child development study

Around 100 low-income New York City mothers will be paid over $13,000 throughout 40 months as part of a new national study.

Baby’s First Years will follow 1,000 new mothers in the New York City, New Orleans, Omaha and Minneapolis-St. Paul metro areas. According to the study's website, researchers are trying to "assess the impact of poverty reduction on infant and toddlers' cognitive, emotional and brain development."

After giving birth, eligible participants are being recruited at local hospitals and are interviewed about their work history, education, family background and other information.

The first payments, which are considered cash gifts and not taxable income, will begin shortly after the baby is born.

The mothers can spend the money however they want. Money will be distributed each month with the children being evaluated on their first, second and third birthdays. Researchers will also look collect data on parent stress, family expenditures and routines and other parenting practices and arrangements.

The monthly payments will be deposited in a debit card. A control group of 600 moms nationwide will receive $20 per month, while the 400 mothers in the experimental group will be receive $333 each month.

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