Muslim woman living in Queens creates business for Ramadan decorations

Posted at 6:27 PM, May 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-07 18:29:28-04

Yasmine Bagh said she was inspired by a walk around Rockefeller Center during the Christmas season. Seeing Muslim families gathered and holding their holiday coffee cups, she thought to herself, “Why aren’t we getting excited and why don’t we have stuff outdoors?”

Bagh, a Syrian-American Jersey girl living in Queens decided Muslims needed their own outdoor decorations to observe their holiest time of year, which happens to be right now. Known as Ramadan, it is when able bodied Muslims around the world fast for one month from sunrise to sunset.

“We had a lot of challenges, but getting your kids excited about Ramadan shouldn’t be one of those challenges. This is a passion project, so that’s how I went about it. I found manufacturers and that’s how the Muslim Holiday Shop was born,” explained Bagh.

Bagh said through word of mouth and social media alone, the orders have been pouring in for inflatable crescent moons and LED Ramadan projectors.

Decorations during this time of year could be found more often in Muslim majority countries, but not typically here in the United States. Families would often create their own, until recently. Etsy shops have popped up selling Ramadan decorations, but now so are some major retailers. Party City, Crate and Barrel and even Walmart are tapping into this consumer base, selling banners, garlands, lights and party favors all geared toward their Muslim customers.

Party City says they began offering the decorations in April 2018 and did so after listening to their customers who were asking for the products. While they say they cannot comment on specific sales, they’ve seen a positive response both in-store and online. Based on the success, Party City intends to expand the assortment of items they offer.

As for Bagh, she’s happy to have the competition and today only sees her business growing.

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