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Posted at 6:44 PM, May 03, 2019
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NEW YORK -- Angela Acevedo lives at the Jefferson Houses in Harlem, and says her heart is broken because she can’t cook for her grandsons anymore because her kitchen needs repairs and a sink.

“I’ve been complaining for months, nothing," Acevedo said. "I can’t cook and there are millions of roaches coming out of my wall.

A few hours after PIX11 cameras arrived on Thursday, Acevedo says workers finally came and started to work.

NYCHA tells PIX11 that crews completed plaster work Thursday and will install kitchen cabinets and a sink Friday. Staff are working to schedule for paint work to be completed. NYCHA says the resident did not reach out to NYCHA regarding any complaints for roaches. However, extermination and treatment will be completed tomorrow. The last routine extermination treatment was in late February. Staff removed residents kitchen cabinets and sink in order to replace damaged cabinets two months earlier. Upon removal, it was discovered the resident required plaster work. Workers repaired her kitchen.

Avecedo is cooking again.

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Thomasina Thomas is a Yorkville mother who says for 10 years she has battled the city to get repairs in her bathroom. Thomas says she alway pays her rent on time, yet has been waiting for a decade for for a permanent fix to the problems in her bathroom.

Thomas says it’s constantly flooding, and there’s mold.

“It wears you down," Thomas said. "After a while you can’t fight no more. Thats why I came to PIX11. I just can’t fight no more."

Thomas says she even has a doctor's note from April.

“It says, she has asthma from exposure of mold and wet paint," Thomas said. "Over the last 10 years, the problem has not been solved. It’s time for her to move."

Thomas was a guest on our live "Monica Makes It Happen" Facebook show this week.

A NYCHA spokesperson says maintenance staff was already scheduled to visit Apt 3B on May 2 following the resident's work order request on April 30. Also, staff has received the resident’s transfer request that was filed on April 30 and will process it accordingly.

PIX11 will stay on this story.

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Candido Vega, who is undergoing surgery on May 7, lives at the Jefferson houses in Harlem and says his apartment is falling apart.

“My apartment is making me sick and depressed,” said Vega, through a translator in Spanish. Vega is also on the waitlist for a new kidney.

According to NYCHA's own statistics, it takes a carpenter an average of 151 days to complete a repair about a month longer than it took last year.

NYCHA spokesperson says that staff visited 335 E. 111 St., Apt 1E, on April 29 to evaluate repair needs and schedule necessary work.

Carpenters were previously scheduled for May 8, after which both plastering and paint will also be scheduled. However, staff will work with resident to accommodate based on his availability.

PIX11 will stay on Vega’s request for repairs.

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