Missing Queens woman — and others — tattooed with alleged killer’s name

QUEENS — More disturbing details emerged Monday about a missing Queens woman who’s been linked to Alabama murder suspect, Courtney Devon Davis.

Turns out Nerecia Kelly, along with murder victim Silvia Henry — and other missing women — were sporting tattoos with the suspect’s name.

“All the women have tattoos of Mr. Devon’s name on their bodies,” said Patricia Kelly, Nerecia’s mother.

Nerecia’s parents, Winston and Patricia Kelly, appeared on PIX11’s  “Mary Murphy Files” on Facebook Live Monday, as more bizarre information came out about the case.

A Filipino woman who said she married Courtney Devon Davis in 2009 — before escaping his grip in 2017 — has been writing and texting Patricia Kelly.

She sent a photo of her former housekeeper, which showed the woman with a huge flower tattoo on her back, and the name “Devon” etched on the bottom.

Patricia Kelly said her daughter had the name “Courtney” tattooed on her back.

The murder victim, Silvia Henry, showed off a large tattoo on her arm before her death.

It said, “Courtney. My love. My king.”

The ex-wife also told Patricia Kelly there’s another, missing Filipino woman who was tied to Courtney Devon Davis.

Patricia and Winston Kelly said they learned from police in Irvington, New Jersey — where their daughter once lived with Davis — that Nerecia Kelly’s license plates had been turned in.

They noticed in a change in their only daughter in the fall of 2017, not long after she miscarried a baby boy 6 ½ months into her pregnancy.

Nerecia Kelly had been in a long-term relationship, but it ended shortly after the baby was lost.

Kelly apparently met Courtney Devon Davis on a dating website.

Kelly’s father remembered meeting Davis just once, Davis was moving the furniture out of Nerecia’s Queens apartment for a move to Irvington.

“I noticed he was bossy,” Winston Kelly said, but “my daughter asked me not to say anything.”

“She wanted me to be nice to her new boyfriend.”

Winston and Patricia Kelly brought their daughter to New York from Jamaica, West Indies when Nerecia was 12 years old. They also have a son, who’s living in South America.

The family became concerned when Nerecia changed her cell phone number and disappeared from social media in 2017.

She re-appeared on Facebook a year later, to make allegations that her mother had been verbally abusive and her father molested her, charges that her parents dispute.

“I was just thinking, ‘I wonder if she’s getting crazy,’” her father recalled.

Her parents now think Nerecia Kelly was broken down mentally and drugged.

Nerecia’s last known address was in Houston, Texas.

Her mother was told the FBI raided two apartments in Houston that Courtney Devon Davis had lived in: one where Nerecia resided and the other that Davis shared with Silvia Latrice Henry.

And while Patricia Kelly told us previously she had a bad feeling about her daughter’s fate, Winston Kelly wants to remain optimistic.

“Daddy loves you. We are waiting in hope,” Winston Kelly said.

Patricia Kelly added, “No matter what happened, we love you. Don’t be ashamed. Don’t be scared. Come home. Call.”

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