‘Alien’ star Sigourney Weaver visits NJ high school for encore of hit stage play

NORTH BERGEN, New Jersey— The cast of North Bergen High School’s production of “Alien” got a visit from the star of the original movie - Sigourney Weaver.

Weaver met with the cast and crew Friday evening before the start of the performance.

Providencia Ramirez spoke with PIX11. She is the proud mom of Gabriella Delacruz - Gabriella has the lead in the show playing Ripley - Weaver’s iconic character.

The spotlight on the high school play and Weaver’s visit were unexpected.

“It’s a huge surprise but the kids are so talented and so are the play’s producer and all the crew,” said Ramirez. “Everybody put so much work into it.”

The cast and crew spent their spring break preparing for tonight’s encore performance.

Their version of the Sci-fi horror classic made national headlines last month - drawing the attention of even Weaver - who praised the teens for their work in an Instagram post.

The kids made every prop, costume and set piece... wanting to stay true to the original movie.

All the attention led to tonight’s encore performance. More than an hour before the start, the line to get into the High School auditorium was long.

The show was sold out, roughly 850 people in the audience.

They wouldn’t allow our PIX11 cameras inside but the excitement was clear all over North Bergen.

“I’m just speechless about this you wouldn’t think this would happen in a small town like North Bergen,” said Lester Delgado, a member of North Bergen High Class of 1998.

“We have some talent in North Bergen and I welcome everyone to come watch the play and put North Bergen on the radar!”

Ridley Scott, the director of the original “Alien,” donated $5,000 to help fund tonight’s encore performance.

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