U.S. measles outbreaks continue to grow

As Orthodox Jewish residents of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Rockland County continue their observance of Passover, a growing Measles outbreak shows no signs of slowing down.

Both areas remain a primary concern for health officials, as the number of cases approaches 700 nationwide.

"We have babies out there who have gotten infected. We have babies born with measles. We have children in ICUs. This is unnecessary. This is avoidable," said Rockland County Executive Ed Day.

Day says in spite of more than 2-thousand vaccinations administered in the last month, there have been 50 new cases.

"This outbreak continues to rage, despite the best efforts of our department of health. I will say herculean efforts of our department of health," Day said.

A ban from public places, public assemblies, and a mandatory requirement to cooperate with the health department still stands for anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated for measles.

"They need to," said one mother of four about people getting vaccinated. "They're gonna kill themselves or their kids, and they're putting everyone's lives in danger," she said.

Health officials are now taking similar precautions in other parts of the country, including Los Angeles, where the UCLA and Cal State campuses are now under quarantine following two reported cases of measles.

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