How one New Yorker ditched corporate America to help kids find their creative spark

It takes a lot of courage to ditch a successful career to pursue a dream, but one New Yorker did just that.

Artist Sebastian Alappat gave up his corporate America art director job a few years ago to serve a greater purpose. Now, some of his biggest clients aren't even out of elementary school yet.

Alappat founded the Spark after-school program in 2015. The program combines art, yoga and meditation, as a teaching tool for young kids in the city.

According to the website, Sark provides smaller, intimate lessons, using different mediums to foster and cultivate each child's creative "spark," while teaching collaboration, confidence and community.

Now, Spark has plans to expand this summer. The program is set to launch a portfolio program to work with middle schoolers who want to get into specialized high schools.

Spark's spring classes begin Monday, April 29.

Learn more about the program and how you can sign up here:

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