Driver hits pedestrian, crashes into building in Hoboken: sources

HOBOKEN, N.J. — Roads were closed for hours in Hoboken on Tuesday after a driver hit a pedestrian, officials said.

The driver got into an argument with someone, then drove on the sidewalk from Bloomfield and 1st Street, hit a pedestrian at Hudson and 1st and crashed into a building at 98 Hudson Street, sources said. The pedestrian suffered serious injuries and the driver was taken into custody.

One witness had just come out of a barbershop when the car plowed down a man. The witness said people rushed to help the victim.

"He couldn't speak much," the witness said. "He was blooded and we were trying to see if he was OK."

A poll from a one-way sign was knocked over in the chaos. The front window of the car was shattered.

The victim's condition is still unknown.

No identifying information is available for the driver witnesses saw being taken into custody.

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