Follow-up Friday: Here’s how Monica is making it happen this week

Taqazua Powell from East New York says for years her family has been battling mold in her closets and cabinets.

“I’m upset we have go through so many different things to get something done. It’s been going on for two years,” said Powell.

Powell says she worries about the health of her nieces and nephews, a 6-year-old Angel, a 5-month-old, and a one-month-old.

Her mother, Kathryn Powell, says she has been putting in repair tickets for two years now and nothing is done.

“The are my grandbabies. It has to be done. It’s taking too long. The apartment is real bad,” said Powell.

Battling mold in homes is one of the biggest complaints we get from viewers on Facebook.

Mold can be dangerous, causing eye, nose, and throat and breathing trouble.

NYCHA was supposed to combat mold with a new city program called Mold Busters.

It says it began a pilot program two years ago and has updated its protocols based on the results.

NYCHA only posts statistics for MILDEW cleanup.

Mildew and mold are both fungi, mildew and considered easier to clean, but according to NYCHA's own statistics, it now takes an average of 38 days to take care of a mildew complaint compared to just 11 days last year.

A NYCHA spokesperson says staff previously inspected the apartment earlier this month and have scheduled for repairs to be completed at 405 Georgia Ave., Apt 5F. The staff is already scheduled to begin repair work this week, including all repairs to walls and paint in two bedrooms.

Kitchen cabinets are also scheduled to be replaced this week.

NYCHA launched a pilot of the Mold Busters program in May 2017 to test new processes and tools for identifying and treating mold.

In January 2019, NYCHA expanded its program to combat mold at NYCHA developments, rolling it out citywide over the next year, including establishing a new and comprehensive standard procedure for remediating mold.

NYCHA crews cleaned up the mold and started repairs.


Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. slammed the city during a Thursday news conference for evicting a 72-year-old man who was recovering from surgery to amputate his leg.

Bienvenido Martinez says he’s lost everything: his home and his belongings.

“We need them to right this wrong. It starts with New York City Housing Authority and City Hall,” said Diaz.

It was last year NYCHA evicted Martinez from his apartment at the Union Avenue consolidation in the Bronx.

Diaz says he was behind on his rent by $816.

Martinez is from Puerto Rico and has no family in New York City.

Martinez says has never been late with his rent in 14 years.

Martinez was in the hospital when NYCHA allegedly classified his apartment as abandoned and then threw out all of belongings that include furniture, his birth certificate, his social security card, and all of his family photos.

A spokesperson for the Mayor’s office said,

“NYCHA leadership was not happy with how Mr. Martinez ‘s situation was handled. We are finding him another apartment nearby, and will replace all of his furniture.”

Viewers immediately wanted to help.

If you want to help reach out to Bronx Borough Hall at 718-590-3500.


Deborah Scroggins lives at the Farragut houses in Brooklyn and says water is coming out of her walls.

“The walls are sweating, you know when you sweat, it’s just like that,” complained Scroggins.

She says for three months, she has put in complaints to NYCHA that water is coming out of her walls, and she says nothing is ever done.

“The debris spits out from the wall, all on my stove. I lost a few pounds. I’m not cooking,” said Scroggins.

A NYCHA spokesperson says plumbers are already scheduled to visit and start repairs Tuesday.

Once plumbers are finished with their repairs, staff will schedule remaining work including plaster, carpentry and paint.

Staff previously identified a broken stack on the 12th floor and have contacted residents regarding scheduled repairs.

Any residents experiencing any issues within their apartment, should create a work ticket by using the MyNychaApp or by calling the Customer Contact Center at 718-707-7771.

Scroggins says they completed work in her kitchen, but she still needs repairs on her bathroom. Bradford says she is still waiting on her transfer.

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