Dozens of guns seized in Brooklyn gun trafficking ring bust

There are fewer guns on the street in Brooklyn. In a news conference Wednesday, Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez explained how investigators dismantled a major gun trafficking ring.

The ring was allegedly getting guns legally in South Carolina and then moving them 700 miles north to illegally sell them in the borough.

Some of the nearly 40 firearms allegedly funneled in, include a machine gun, a Glock, and dozens of revolvers.

"There is no reason for a gun like this to be sold in New York City," said D.A. Gonzalez, "These guns are outrageous."

The three men accused of creating the gun trafficking ring are Craig Darby, Markie Brown, and Darryl Currie.

Darby, of South Carolina, allegedly supplied guns from down there, while Brown and Currie, both New Yorkers, sold them in Brooklyn.

“It is outrageous that these folks without any regard to what happens here in our city, sent these guns upward,” added Gonzalez.

The alleged gun trafficking ring was so bold, according to investigators, that their transactions didn’t happen in some dark alley but rather in broad daylight, around thousands of people, on some of the busiest streets in Brooklyn.

The dangerous enterprise came to an end when Brown began selling guns to an undercover officer and, in a recorded conversation, told the officer the ring was preparing to bring assault rifles into the city and double the number of firearms they had already allegedly funneled in.

Instead, the trio accused in the gun trafficking ring are all now behind bars. The three collectively are charged with more than a hundred counts of criminal sale of a firearm and criminal possession of a weapon.

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