NYPD officer wipes out on dirt bike in Harlem intersection: police

HARLEM, Manhattan — An NYPD officer took a dirt bike for a ride before wiping out on a Manhattan street Sunday evening, video posted online shows.

It happened at the intersection of Lenox Avenue and 135th Street in Harlem just before 6 p.m.

Since the video of the incident was posted to Reddit on Sunday, it has been upvoted more than 34,000 times. The video shows the officer riding the bike through an intersection, losing control after he almost hits a car driving by. The officer wipes out and tumbles on the ground; the bike hits a car waiting at the intersection.

Police officers in the vicinity who witnessed the incident engaged with the officer. He was later taken to an area hospital for minor injuries, authorities said.

According to police, he was supposedly taking the bike back to the 32nd precinct.

The incident is currently under internal review, according to police.

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