NYC could soon ban marijuana testing for people on probation

New York City may soon ban marijuana testing people on probation.

The City Council is set to vote on a bill this week that was sponsored by Councilman Donovan Richards.

In an interview with PIX11 News, Councilman Richards explained 20,000 New Yorkers were on probation last year.

"Six hundred of them were tested for marijuana, 271 of those individuals were sent back to prison over a low level marijuana infraction," he said.

Councilman Fernando Cabrera of the Bronx is against legalizing recreational marijuana, but he supports the legislation proposed by Richards.

“I don’t think on the sole basis of smoking pot they should be sent back when they’re trying to get their lives together,” Councilman Cabrera said.

Councilman Richards believes he has enough support in the Council to get the bill passed.

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