Woman who pushed stranger in front of subway gets 20-year prison sentence for murder

A Manhattan judge called it every New Yorker's worst nightmare, as he sentenced a woman to 20 years-to-life for pushing another woman in front of an oncoming subway train, killing her.

Connie Watton was living the classic American Dream in New York. She had come here from the Philippines for a better life for her and her family.

Watton had forged that better life until it was cut short by Melanie Liverpool-Turner.

Liverpool-Turner sat stoically as her sentence for shoving 49-year-old Watton onto a Times Square subway track was handed down. She showed no emotion, but squirmed at times when Watton’s husband, Robert, read his victim impact statement.

“You are heartless and you have no soul,” he said. “You have no remorse for Connie and her life... you tried to avoid responsibly.”

Watton's husband later added: “This murdering psychopath will be eligible for parol at the age Connie died. Why should she get a second chance? I wish nothing but a life behind bars for this psychopath.”

Robert did not want to speak outside of court but Watton’s ex-husband, who said he remained a close friend, said all her family and friends were thankful for the maximum sentence under the plea deal.

“She was one of the most loving, kind, caring individuals you’ll ever meet in your whole life,” he said. “She worked two to three jobs supporting her family back in the Philippines, putting brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews through school.”

Liverpool-Turner’s defense attorney tried to argue that his client's documented mental health issues, traumatic childhood, and clean criminal history, should have lessened her sentence.

Just a month before the murder, Liverpool-Turner tried to take credit for a woman who committed suicide by jumping in front of a train, and was committed for a time following that lie.

Watton was a housekeeper and cook for a wealthy family, a job through which she met the Bushes and Clintons.

She was on her way to deliver a present to her friend who'd just had a baby when she was killed.

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