Displaced residents fear for pets after massive Brooklyn fire

SUNSET PARK, Brooklyn — A day after a massive, 6-alarm blaze ripped through an apartment building in Brooklyn, firefighters are still putting out hot spots.

More than 100 area residents of the building, located near 7th Avenue and 44th Street in Sunset Park, have been displaced, with many people still deeply worried about unaccounted-for pets.

“No one was home, so my cats are still there and they’re not letting anybody in,” said Alyssa Perez. She is among the more than 110 residents waiting and hoping they will have a chance to get back into the Sunset Park apartment building that burned Wednesday night.

The fire left 23 injured, including 19 firefighters who battled the blaze in high winds.

“Everything is gone,” Perez said. “I left my house and came back to nothing, and I don’t even care about the stuff, just my cats.”

Some pets did make it out, but many are still missing. The fate of furry friends is a huge concern for a lot of neighbors in the 54 unit building.

Making matters worse is a frustrating update that came out of a closed-door meeting this afternoon: It could be days before anyone can search because firefighters are still dealing with hot spots.

“I feel like our whole community has been basically destroyed with this fire,” said Greta Gertlergold, holding her baby Eben.

“We’re lucky to have a lot of friends in the neighborhood, and I’m sure we’ll be okay, but I know there are those who are more urgently in need," Gertlergold said.

Up to 20 families are being helped by the Red Cross for now. The city is also making emergency housing resources available.

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