Driver accused of plowing into Boy Scout troop in fatal DWI crash on Long Island delays plea deal

CENTRAL ISLIP -- A Long Island man accused of drinking and driving and then plowing into a group of Boy Scouts, killing one, asked for a delay in deciding whether to take a plea deal.

The request sparked anger from the victim’s family as well as the judge in the case.

At least 150 supporters filed into the Suffolk County Courthouse, many holding photos of 12-year-old Andrew McMorris.

“All of our Scouts what we have been doing is honorable what this man is doing is not honorable,” Alisa McMorris said.

Thomas Murphy, 60, was expected to take a plea deal today but instead asked for more time to consider it.

Judge Fernando Camacho said he was losing his patience and called it a delay tactic.

Police say Murphy's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit when he struck members of Boy Scouts Troop 161 last September as they walked alongside a road. Andrew was killed, four fellow Scouts were injured.

“This is a violent crime a violent crime what happened to the boys and what happened to my child and I expect to see justice,” McMorris said.

Murphy's attorney read a prepared statement on behalf of his client.

“I ask respectfully that those who come to court allow myself and my family the time to fully evaluate my case and my role in this tragic accident. Please consider that this is a tragedy for my wife and children as well,” said Defense attorney Stephen McCarthy Jr.

Judge Camacho told Murphy that May 2 is the deadline. Either he comes back to court that day and takes the plea, or they go to trial in June.

If convicted at trial, he’s facing up to 25 years behind bars. Terms of the plea deal have not been made public.

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