Major delays as multiple airlines face system-wide issues

NEW YORK — Flyers faced major delays early Monday as multiple airlines reported issues system-wide, and Southwest customers experienced a ground stop.

The Federal Aviation Administration is encouraging people to contact their airline directly for flight information and updates after computer issues caused problems.

Southwest, Delta and American Airlines acknowledged the issue in tweets to customers beginning in the early hours.

A 40-minute ground stop was issued for Southwest "during an outage with a vendor that services multiple carriers with data used in flight planning," the airline said in a statement.

The ground stop was lifted as of 6:05 a.m., but delays persisted.

"Scattered flight delays are anticipated and Customers should check for the latest updates on specific flights," Southwest said in the statement.

Delta said the issue was a "system-wide outage," while American Airlines deemed it a "technical issue."

PIX11 has reached out to Delta and American Airlines for comment.

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