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Gloria Tull is the tenant association president of the Claremont Franklin Houses in the Bronx -- and says she has been fighting the city for repairs for families for months now.

Councilmember Ritchie Torres from the Bronx personally visited the development Saturday and was horrified by conditions and reached out to PIX11 News.

Tull says the problems start at the top and the roof of the building. A mother with a 16-year-old son who did not want to be identified says practically all of her ceilings have caved in. Tull fears her ceilings will cave in next.

“I’m sick and tired of housing putting bandaids on everything. Make the repairs,” Tull said.

A NYCHA spokesperson says staff has already begun replacing the ceiling today and Wednesday and plastering and painting will be scheduled afterward.

In Tull’s apartment, staff scheduled bricklayers to address leak issues in the building. Other necessary repairs will be scheduled following completion of work. Staff was also on site today to address resident's mold complaint, and will coordinate with the resident to schedule a time to address floor tiles.

Repairs have been made to these apartments.

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Deborah Scroggins lives at the Farragut houses in Brooklyn and says water is coming out of her walls.

“The walls are sweating, you know when you sweat, it’s just like that,” Scroggins said.

Scroggins says for three months, she has put in complaints to NYCHA that water is coming out of her walls, and she says nothing is ever done.

“The debris spits out from the wall, all on my stove. I lost a few pounds. I’m not cooking,” said Scroggins.

A NYCHA spokesperson says plumbers are already scheduled to visit and start repairs Tuesday. Once plumbers are finished with their repairs, staff will schedule remaining work including plaster, carpentry and paint. Staff previously identified a broken stack on the 12th floor and have contacted residents regarding scheduled repairs.

Any residents experiencing any issues within their apartment, should create a work ticket by using the MyNychaApp or by calling the Customer Contact Center at 718-707-7771.

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Angela Acevedo lives at the Jefferson Houses in Harlem. Acevedo says her heart is broken because she can’t cook for her grandsons anymore her kitchen needs repairs and a sink.

“I’ve been complaining for months, nothing. I can’t cook and there are millions of roaches coming out of my wall, said Acevedo. A few hours after PIX11 cameras arrived Thursday, Acevedo says workers finally came and started to work.

NYCHA tells PIX11 needs crews completed plaster work Thursday and will install kitchen cabinets and a sink Friday. Staff are working to schedule for paint work to be completed.

Residents did not reach out to NYCHA regarding any complaints for roaches. However, extermination and treatment will be completed tomorrow. The last routine extermination treatment was in late February.

Staff removed residents kitchen cabinets and sink in order to replace damaged cabinets two months earlier. Upon removal, it was discovered the resident required plaster work. Workers started repairs.

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