Yankees home opener giving Bronx businesses economic boost

THE BRONX — For Yankees fans, Opening Day is the most wonderful time of the year and for business owners outside Yankees Stadium - it’s a Godsend.

Just two blocks from the ballpark, fans spilled out onto the sidewalk at Bronx Draft House where owner Alfredo Angueria says the Bronx Bombers always deliver a boom to business.

“We love celebrating Yankees season, we love celebrating just baseball returning,” Angueria told PIX11. “The return of warm weather to New York - this is one of our greatest days!”

The crowd was even more ruckus just down the block at fan-favorite Stan’s Sports Bar. where co-owner Mike Rendino has been counting down the days till Opening Day.

“We live and die with the Yankees,” he said. “Our business is built on their livelihood – we win or lose when they win or lose.”

From the vendors to the restaurants and bars, the Bronx makes out big each spring when the Yankees kick off their season.

According to the New York City Economic Development Corporation, the Yankees home opener alone generates roughly $12 million for the city of New York.

A bulk of that revenue comes from the nearly 26,000 visitors who flock to the Bronx for what some consider an annual pilgrimage.

“You know we come and have a good time and you get ready for the game and there’s nothing better,” one fan said.

The economic impact of the Yankees is clear in the Big Apple.

However, it should be noted, PIX11 came across a number of fans who had called in sick from work Thursday in order to catch the game.

It remains unclear how that productivity loss will factor in in the end.

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