Apparent sacrificial sheep that escaped in New Jersey recovers at animal rescue

ORANGE, NJ - An apparent sacrificial sheep that was found running through the streets of Orange while dragging balloons from his tail and ear is now recovering at Popcorn Park Refuge in Forked River, N.J.

"I had a resident call up and said that there was a sheep running loose," said Rudy Giordano, Orange's chief animal control officer. "I jumped and I grabbed him by the leg and he started head-butting me."

The sheep has been named by the refuge for its rescuer, Rudy.

"Some gentleman walked up to me and said they were ready to use him for a sacrificial," said Giordano.

The refuge, which is home to roughly 200 animals, including livestock, lions and tigers, said the sheep came to them about two weeks ago with a puncture to his ear, wool ripped from his back and a severely cut cornea.

"We had to come out here and treat him every two hours to save his sight and save his eye," said Popcorn Park Director John Bergmann.

Investigators are still working on Rudy’s case and they say animal cruelty charges are coming for whoever is responsible.

Rudy will remain in quarantine for a couple more weeks before joining the other sheep at the refuge to live out his days. You can find more information on how to visit Rudy and the other animals or how to donate by visiting:

"As long as he’s safe that’s all that matters," said Giordano.

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