Subway conductors encouraging riders to wear headphones after surge in noise complaints

There’s a battle brewing in the New York City subway and the competition is fierce.

Whether it be trains, muddled announcements, music or riders themselves, it appears they all are trying to out-do each other - all hours of the day.

The noise has gotten so bad underground, conductors are now being directed by the MTA to encourage riders to wear headphones in an effort to keep their music, games and movies to themselves.

“Hello, you can help everyone have a great trip. Please use headphones I don’t volume only you can hear,” the announcement reads.

Technology, riders say, is widely to blame.

“People just don’t [have] respect,” one rider told PIX11. “I think it would help if there were signs plus [if] the conductor announced it - It will be great.”

If you ask tourists like Bill Manning from Tampa, the relentless noise of the subway is part of the Big Apple’s charm.

“I just feel like it’s part of the New York experience and I enjoy it,” Manning said.

In the event you’re one of the noise offenders, the MTA would like to remind you - amplified sound, such as speakers, is prohibited in a subway car.

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