Sheep found tied to a tree in the rain in Coney Island

CONEY ISLAND, Brooklyn — His name is now "Officer Cal," in honor of officer Danny Calamine of the 60th precinct who brought the damp and mangy sheep to Animal Care Centers of New York City.

A homeowner on Bayview Avenue called 911 after spotting the mature male sheep tied to a tree in the rain in a wooded area of Coney Island Creek Park just after 9 p.m., covered in dirt and heavily matted wool.

Police have no idea how the sheep got there but neighbors have their theories. One thought is that this sheep was being prepped for slaughter in some sort of ritual animal sacrifice.

“People come out here and kill animals, chickens, some sort of voodoo,” Marie Sterling, who works nearby, told PIX11 News.

Over the past ten days, many farm animals have been running for their lives through New York City.

Just last Tuesday police corralled an eight-month-old calf wandering along the Major Deegan Expressway. That calf is now destined to lead a long and healthy life at Skylands Sanctuary in New Jersey.

Then, this past week, cops rescued two goats roaming the Bronx. The week before that, a goat was seen sprinting down the Gowanus Expressway in Brooklyn.

Why are all these farm animal escapes happening?

"They’re breaking out. It’s a sign from the universe that we should not eat meat,” said Phyllis Taiano, an animal rescue specialist who founded Four Paws Sake in NYC. “It’s also the time of year, the holidays,” she added.

The Coney Island sheep, now named "Officer Cal," is being evaluated at Cornell before eventually living a hopefully long and wonderful life at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York.

Many Brooklyn neighbors are happy about the sheep's new fate. “That’s great. That’s great,” said Patrick Sterling, who works nearby. “But they should patrol these beaches more,” he added.

Police said because the sheep was not abused, no crime was committed and only a summons would be issued if they find the person who tied the sheep to the tree.

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