NYCHA residents to protest Trump’s proposed budget cuts

TREMONT, the Bronx — A New York-style showdown is brewing between Mayor Bill de Blasio and HUD Regional Director Lynne Patton, who is fresh off a four-week stay in four public housing complexes.

She is lobbing serious charges of criminal offenses when it comes to how the living conditions for hundreds of thousands of NYCHA residents have deteriorated into inhumane conditions.
The Mayor is firing back.
At an unrelated press conference Thursday, the Mayor answered directly to the allegations.
“False, false, false” he said. “You can quote me on that.”
Patton alleges “deception and fraud” has been committed by NYCHA officials during inspections.
She said during her visits, she saw rats, mold, lead paint, and raw sewage dripping down walls.
She also demanded an accounting of what has been fixed for the $30 million a week the federal government has been paying New York City for fixes in the nation’s largest public housing system.
The comments came during a televised interview.
Patton said she wanted a progress report for naming a new NYCHA Chair, which is due to be wrapped on April 1st.
Mayor DeBlasio fired back saying, “she is a political appointee. Her president just put forward budget that slashes funding. Time to stop pretending you’re here to help people.”
Meanwhile, council Member Ritchie Torres is hosting a rally with the residents of the Monterey Houses in the Tremont section of the Bronx today to bring more pressure to fix these aging, ailing, unsafe homes.
Patton is scheduled to do two walk throughs of Staten Island housing developments as well with New York State Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis.
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