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NEW YORK -- Families at the Jackson Houses in the Bronx say they have a major power problem.

Antanette Rivera-Robinson lives at the Jackson Houses in the Bronx and expecting triplets. She says her pregnancy has been extra difficult, because her building didn’t have consistent power last summer.

“I have to do 15 flights of stairs, carrying triplets, and the elevators are not working," Robinson said. "Sometimes I just sit I my car."

“These NYCHA generators are a temporary fix that’s not working. We need a permanent fix,” said Daniel Barber, the president of the citywide council of presidents, and a lifelong resident of the Jackson Houses.

Assemblyman Michael Blake has stepped in to help the residents of the seven buildings of the Jackson Houses.

A spokesperson for Con Edison told us to reach out to NYCHA.

A spokesperson for the The New York City Housing Authority said:
“Due to the extreme heat in the City over the last couple of weeks, the power equipment at Jackson Houses has overheated several times, requiring NYCHA to make emergency repairs and move to generator power.”

Back in August, the power was restored, according to Robinson, and has been consistent ever since. Robinson has three healthy baby girls.

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Annette Cotton lives at 530 Olmstead Ave., at the Castle Hill Houses and says there is a wall that is falling apart.

“The whole wall looks like it is going to fall in," Cotton said. "They keep telling me they don’t know when they can fix this. I’m worried about the people who live on the first floor. The wall may come in."

The wall is right next to a back door.

A NYCHA spokesperson says staff have already scheduled repairs and paint to address the wall damage of the lobby of 530 Olmstead Ave. Any residents experiencing any issues within their apartment, should create a work ticket by using the MyNychaApp or by calling the Customer Contact Center at 718-707-7771.

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