Nassau executive recommends county ‘opt out’ of marijuana legalization

As New York appears to inch closer to marijuana legalization, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran has recommended the county "opt out."

By 'opting out' Nassau County residents would still be able to posses marijuana, but there would be no cultivation or sale in the county. The county, currently in a fiscal crisis, also wouldn't receive any tax revenue from sales.

"When it comes to the legalized sale of marijuana in Nassau County, now is not the time," Curran said.

Curran put together a task force that spent three months looking at how legalized weed could affect the county

Its findings- released Monday in a more than 100-page report - showed most Nassau County residents who attended town halls organized by the task force are against the sale of marijuana.

Additionally, the county executive said the costs outweigh the benefits.

"Increases in traffic fatalities," said Curran. "In people, especially our young people not taking seriously the consequences of driving while high."

But some residents disagree.

"It seems like an oxymoron at that point- like legalizing it ,but not making it legal?" Said Terry Martin, a county resident. "Not wise for a county like Nassau that's as tax burdened as it is to not get that extra money."

The full report is available here.

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