Station rehabilitation and elevator project begins in Queens

The train won't be stopping again at Astoria Boulevard Station along the N W line until December.

But most riders are looking on the bright side, despite having to walk to the next one or take a bus.

The project includes the installation of an elevator. It was announced earlier this year.

Commuters are accustomed to dealing with delays and detours.

This route from Astoria to Lower Manhattan was the focus of a report by the Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA (PCAC) and New York City Transit Riders Council.

A rider logged and documented 100 days of commutes. Bradley Brashears timed and photographed the route and conditions as he traveled during the morning and evenings rush hours along the N W line and switched at 59th Street-Lexington Avenue to the train that would take him to Bowling Green in Lower Manhattan.

Read the report here.

It details many of the same frustrations seen every day throughout the system. They say it was designed to highlight issues caused by signal problems, slow track speeds, and overcrowding on trains, platforms and stairwells.

It is also meant to be a point of reference. It was conducted during major repairs and maintenance work included in the Subway Action Plan.

Lisa Daglian, Executive Director of PCAC, says it's a tool to help demonstrate the need for continued investment in the long-term infrastructure of the regional transit system.

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