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Man arrested for assaulting parents, starting fire on Long Island: police

Posted at 11:08 AM, Mar 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-17 11:35:55-04

Brian Alejo, 21, was arrested after police say he stabbed his dad, assaulted his mom, and started a fire at a nearby house on Long Island.

CEDARHURST, N.Y. — A man was arrested after police say he started a fire that damaged two Long Island homes after he assaulted his parents early Saturday.

Brian Alejo, 21, and his parents were at his Oakland Avenue home in Cedarhurst when they became involved in an argument just after 1 a.m., police said.

During the argument, Alejo attacked his father with an edged weapon, resulting in multiple stab wounds, and he punched his mother before fleeing the house, according to police.

Both victims were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Police say Alejo fled to a nearby residence along First Street and went into the garage. He allegedly hid for several hours before starting a fire.

He fled the scene as the fire engulfed the entire residence and damaged a neighboring home, police said.

All occupants of both residences safely escaped, police said.

Alejo later turned himself in to police. While under arrest, he attempted to escape custody and had to be restrained by officers, cops said.

He faces charge of attempted murder, assault, arson, criminal possession of a weapon and attempted escape.