Hudson Yards opens amid great fanfare, but its signature structure leaves slight concern about its design

HUDSON YARDS — It's an engineering innovation that was more than six years in the making, but on Friday, Hudson Yards — a whole new, high-rise, high-density Manhattan neighborhood — became a reality.

It was unveiled in a grand, star-studded ceremony here that revolved around the 15-story centerpiece of the development, a climbable art structure called The Vessel.

It's being touted as the emblem of Hudson Yards, but one aspect of it is gaining attention that its creators weren’t intending.

“You feel like it's just a bar and glass [that keeps] you from falling,” said Sol Parkes, 11, the nephew of Vessel’s chief designer Thomas Heatherwick. Parkes talked about how the structure, while designed to give a feel of openness to the city, also has barriers that are barely chest high.

“So it’s kind of scary,” he said.

The Vessel’s chief architect, Stuart Wood, explained the design, which included the decision to keep the structure’s barriers low.

“We didn't want to design in fear,” Wood told PIX11 News. He said that the he and the rest of the design team intended the Vessel to be interacted with responsibly.  “It’s something we want everyone to enjoy,” Wood said.

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