New York City reacts to New Zealand mosque attacks

JAMAICA, Queens — At Mosques across New York City there was beefed up security on the outside and intense prayers on the inside, and even on the streets after what the New Zealand prime minister called "extraordinary and unprecedented violence."

49 people were killed in two attacks on mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Officials say the lone gunman, a man in his late 20s and self-described as a “regular white guy,” has been charged with the murders.

The gunman streamed a horrific live video of the shootings on Facebook, possibly filming it using a helmet camera. He also appeared to post an 87-page anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim manifesto on Twitter and 8chan.

One New Zealand Muslim leader said it was especially shocking because the attacks took place around Friday prayers.

A street renaming on 168th Street in Queens on Friday, in front of the Jamaica Muslim Center, had already been scheduled before the New Zealand attacks but had a deeply felt poignancy in the wake of the massacre.

At the Islamic Cultural Center of New York, non-Muslims like Eric Post of the American Jewish Committee, prayed in support and solidarity with their Muslim brothers.

“When the synagogue in Pittsburgh was attacked, Muslims prayed with us, and now it is our turn for the Muslim community," Post said.

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