Man injured when woman kicks him in self-defense after he spit on her on subway near Times Square

Police have corrected their earlier reports that a man was stabbed on a subway train near the Times Square station on Friday afternoon by a woman with blue hair. The woman did not stab the man, and the man was actually the aggressor in the situation, police said.

Police have now reported that the man was harassing people on a southbound E train around 5 p.m. Friday.

The manĀ  began speaking rudely to a woman on the train, and eventually spit on her, according to authorities.

After the man spit on the woman she responded by kicking him in self-defense, police said.

The man was injured by something sharp on his own jacket hitting him when the woman kicked him. The woman did not stab the man, despite previous reports.

The man was rushed to the hospital. His condition still unknown at this time.

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