Rat spotted in MetroCard vending machine

NEW YORK — Commuters often see rats on subway tracks, but one woman spotted a rodent inside a MetroCard vending machine.

Video shared to the Subway Creatures account shows the rat inside the change return slot.

It’s not clear what station this was at or when this video was taken. It was posted to Subway Creatures on Tuesday.

MTA officials expressed doubt that the rodent found its way into the machine on its own.

“This is very troubling and we’re looking into how it could’ve happened, including the possibility that someone may have planted it,” an MTA spokesperson said. “This is clearly an anomaly and the recent Subway Action Plan, Group Station Manager program and deep clean program have been helping to get stations significantly cleaner.”

New Yorkers on Instagram called the trapped rat “a nightmare come true.”

“Thats [sic] why i never ask for the receipt,” one person commented.

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