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NEW YORK -- Lakeesha Taylor lives at the Holmes Towers in Yorkville, and says she never knows when she can bathe her two sons, ages 7 and 4.

“It’s ridiculous," Taylor said. "NYCHA does what it does best and not getting us hot water. No matter how much we complain. Thats everyday. Today at 10:30 a.m., we had no hot water at all."

“Sometimes I like taking cold showers and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes when it’s really really really cold I don’t like it,” said 7-year-old Anthony Taylor.

A NYCHA spokesperson tells us that the service interruption is listed on the website and staff is already responding.

NYCHA spokesperson tells us staff is onsite and responding to the service interruption. Taylor says the hot water is flowing Friday.

Their website updates every 15 minutes.

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Denicia Sutton lives at the Polo Grounds in Harlem with her three children and says the city started work in her apartment and never finished it.

“They have taken out the cabinets and didn’t replace them, weeks ago," Sutton said. "And now I have a family of mice that have moved in. It’s ridiculous."

Sutton says she is hoping repair crews can come sooner than later.

“I pray to a higher power lord just please touch these people’s heart. How can they be so cruel? You know my situation. And you just won’t do anything,” said Sutton.

A NYCHA spokesperson says that staff was previously scheduled to plaster kitchen wall and replace cabinets on March 13. Additional plaster work and bathroom painting is also already scheduled for March 13. Exterminators treated the home on Feb. 14, and are scheduled for routine extermination on May 24. Sutton says the wall in kitchen was fixed, and she is still waiting for her bathroom to be fixed. PIX11 will stay on Sutton’s story.

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