Pop-up Mango Store opens in SoHo giving the Apple Store a run for its money

NEW YORK — SoHo, like most neighborhoods in Manhattan, has an Apple store.

On Thursday, it also became home to “The Mango Store.”

It’s a pop-up experience that celebrates the world’s most popular fruit - the mango, which remains widely unsung in the United States.

Launched by the National Mango Board, the Mango Store aims to bring mangoes to the mainstream in the United States where the fruit doesn’t even crack the top 10 in popularity.

“We just wanted to do a little reminder, OK maybe a big reminder – that mangoes are always in season and always in stores,” Valda Coryat NMB’s Director of Marketing told PIX11.

From tasty recipes to mango-based skin treatments, the National Mango board pulled out all the stops.

On-site mango experts even served up tips on how to pick the perfect mango.

The Mango Store, at several points during the day, rivaled foot traffic at the typical Apple store.

With New Yorkers considered to be some of the toughest critics, it appears today the mango won over the Big Apple.

You know what I mean.

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