NYPD completes rollout of body-worn cameras to all officers on patrol

NEW YORK — NYPD executives announced that all uniform patrol officers in New York City are now equipped with body-worn cameras.

Approximately 20,000 cameras have been distributed to complete the effort, making it the largest deployment of body-worn cameras in the nation.

Patrol officers equipped with body cameras include police officers, sergeants and lieutenants assigned to every precinct, transit district and police service area.

“Body-worn cameras enhance the safety and accountability of the dedicated men and women of the NYPD while improving their ability to ensure public safety. This completed roll-out marks a significant milestone for the NYPD,” said Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill.

The NYPD launched Phase I of the program Apr.2017 and Phase II began in Dec. 2017. As of the end of Feb. 2019, the roll-out is complete.

Police also announced starting this month, about 4,000 body-worn cameras will be issued to specialized units, including Emergency Service Units, Strategic Response Group and Critical Response Command.

The roll-out is expected to be completed by August.

Body-worn cameras by the numbers:

  • 79 commands equipped with LE-4s
  • 19commands equipped with AB-2s
  • 16,000 Vievu LE-4s distributed
  • 2,990 Vievu LE-5’s distributed and recalled
  • 4,000 of AB-2 cameras distributed
  • 4,000 AB-2 cameras in new roll-out to specialized units starting in March
  • Every 30 months, the NYPD receives free equipment upgrades for all of the cameras
  • Since the roll-out began the NYPD has recorded over 3.5 million videos
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