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Full list: Half of all NYC bus routes get ‘D’ for speed and reliability

NEW YORK — Half of all New York City bus routes received a “D” rating in regards to speed and reliability, according to new data from Bus Turnaround Coalition (BTC).

Bus speeds for the average passenger bus were 6.6 mph in 2018, down .2 points from 2017, according to MTA data analyzed by BTC. Additionally, the organization says “where buses are scheduled to arrive at least every 15 minutes, 1 in 9 buses arrived bunched, creating frustrating, unpredictable gaps in service.”

On the bright side, 30 fewer buses received a failing grade from the year before, which BTC credits to a reductions in bus bunching.

The only route to receive an “A” grade was the Q52 select bus service on Cross Bay and Woodhaven boulevards.

Councilman Mark Levine gave the following statement:

“New Yorkers have a right to a reliable transit system, but millions who rely on buses – particularly those in the outer boroughs – suffer because of slower speeds and longer travel time that leave most buses crawling not much faster than walking speed. Unlike the subway system, major pieces of bus infrastructure are controlled by the City. That’s why I have been fighting for the City to drastically increase the pace of transit signal priority (TSP) technology for the past two years—a fight we recently won as the mayor announced DOT would be implementing TSP in 300 intersections a year for the next five years. But as this report card makes clear, we still have more to do.”

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