Church offers ‘ashes to go’ for Ash Wednesday

MORNINGSIDE HEIGHTS, Manhattan —Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent and the season of fasting and prayer.

During Ash Wednesday, Catholics and many other Christians wear ashes on their head during mass.

Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in Morningside Heights is offering “ashes on the go” for those who can’t bring themselves to go to church.

“Everyone has a story,” said Dean Clifton Daniel.

Critics who say the whole point of Ash Wednesday is to experience the full mass.

Fr. Patrick Malloy says it’s not a “hit-and-run” for those who don’t go to mass and it is more so a “profound few minutes” for those who can’t go to church or really don’t have the time.

During Lent, the top things people give up for Lent have been social media, chocolate, and alcohol, according to a poll.

A few years ago, Pope Francis said it’s not necessarily about what you give up unless it’s in the service of someone else.

Fr. Malloy says to be able to have enjoy things more encouraging and self-sustaining, you have to give up things that are not as productive.

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