Brooklyn man gets long-awaited tax refund

With a lot of people worried about how much their tax refunds will be this year, Alfonzo Corneilson of Brooklyn was still worried about last year’s refund. He hasn’t gotten a dime from the company that did his return, Instant Tax Refund Center on Ellery Street.

“I feel like they stole my money," Corneilson told me. “She [the tax preparer] told me I would be receiving $842 on my federal taxes."

But here it was, almost a year later and he hadn't gotten anything. So, Corneilson went to small claims court and got a judgment for $900. But seven months later…still nothing. So, Corneilson got in touch with us.

“You’ve showed them this judgment,” I asked him.

“Yes, I did. And they just laughed it off," Corneilson said.

So, we decided to pay a visit to the Tax Refund Center. Not surprisingly, they weren’t interested in seeing us. And they also seemed uninterested in getting Corneilson his refund money. They asked us to leave.

Alfonzo was frustrated.

"Just give me my money," he said. "They don’t care.”

So, I went online and found the phone number for the Instant Tax Refund Center’s regional manager. I left a message for him. Apparently, that did some good. A few hours later, he called Corneilson and told him to come pick up his check. Corneilson made the trip and a $900 cashiers check was waiting for him.


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