Dog returned to Brooklyn family after escaping from car, being picked up by stranger

NEW YORK -- A beloved pup named Blue has been returned to his family in Brooklyn after the pet escaped their vehicle while they were inside a restaurant.

Not just any dog, but a dog so loved and helpful to the family’s two special needs children.

“He’s special dog, he is everything,” Yiccy Mateo, of Canarsie, Brooklyn, told PIX11 News, through her tears. “I have not been sleeping."

Two-year-old Blue is so much more than a beloved family pet.

The 25-pound Shih Tzu comforts the Mateos’ two special needs children, 16-year-old Princess who has autism and 23-year-old Yasin who has Down syndrome.

“He’s a very protective dog. He protects our special needs children,” Robert Mateo, the father told PIX11. “They love the dog very much,” he added.

Last Saturday, as the family of four was eating at Flaming Grill Buffet on Grand Avenue in Baldwin, their beloved Blue was outside in the family van with the engine running so the dog could keep warm.

Somehow, the back of the unlocked van popped open and Blue jumped out and can be seen on the surveillance video from the restaurant wandering in the parking lot and then on the sidewalk until this woman picks up the dog, looks around, perhaps to see where the Shih Tzu came from and then walks away with Blue in her arms.

“She looked 25 to 30 years old, Asian woman,” said the manager of the Flaming Grill Buffet, who did not want his name made public.

Blue did not have a chip, or name or phone number on his collar or halter.

The Mateo family just wants Blue back, no questions asked.

“He is very special to us is and to our special needs children,” Yiccy Mateo, the mother told PIX11 News. “Give him back. That’s all I ask."

Thanks to a story that aired on PIX11 News on Monday, Blue has been found and is being reunited with his family.

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