Lawmaker proposes study of NY splitting into 2 states

ALBANY, N.Y. — In New York state government news, the topic of splitting the state into separate upstate and downstate entities has popped up again at the Capitol.

The idea of dividing upstate New York and the New York City metro area into two states comes up periodically in Albany. But it has never gotten beyond the proposal stage.

The exercise is happening again. Sen. Daphne Jordan, a Saratoga County Republican, is proposing legislation that would authorize a study by the state comptroller’s office to look into the costs and implications of such a separation.

A spokesman for Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo calls the proposal “the Godzilla of pandering.”

Lawmakers will return to Albany on Tuesday for a three-day workweek, their longest since the Legislature convened Jan. 9 for its 2019 session.

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