Car windshield with driver inside pierced by piece from elevated 7-train track

Posted: 3:35 PM, Feb 21, 2019
Updated: 2019-02-22 15:39:12-05

QUEENS — Terrifying pictures from Queens show a piece from a subway track in the front windshield of a car.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer tweeted the image from underneath the 7-train tracks around 65th Street in Woodside on Wednesday.

He said the car was being driven when it happened.

"These photos are horrifying," he tweeted. "Thankfully the driver was not injured, but someone could have been killed! There must be an immediate investigation into how something this dangerous could happen. @MTA must answer for our crumbling subway infrastructure before a tragedy occurs."

It's likely a piece of wood from the catwalk of the elevated structure, according to the MTA. It appears the piece fell from a worker platform installed beneath the tracks years ago. There are no construction projects at the location at this time.

“We take this incident extremely seriously, are conducting a full investigation into what happened, have personnel ensuring the rest of the area is safe, and are relieved that no one was injured," MTA spokesman Shams Tarek said.

The platform was dismantled and removed after the wood fell, officials said.  The rest of the 7-line structure is now being checked for similar platforms. Workers will also check every other elevated structure in the subway system.