Bus barely beats pedestrians in ‘race’ from East Side to Union Square

Traffic and transit are the topics of debate across the city.

In  the bus lanes, those issues converge.

Neighbors, pedestrians, riders and drivers have been speaking up about the problems. City and transit officials have acknowledged bus speeds and enforcement of traffic laws need to be addressed.

Rich Mintz is a bus rider who lives on the East Side of Manhattan. He has been logging and documenting bus rides and blocked lanes. His document has been shared on Twitter and it shows issues with deliveries, trucks and parking placards.

"If you block the bus lane, you hold up thousands of people," Mintz said.

On Wednesday morning, riders and representatives from Transportation Alternatives issued a challenge.

Who will win the race to Union Square from the East Side? Pedestrians or the M14?

They walked and the bus moved along 14th Street. At the end of the exercise, the bus pulled ahead by 5 seconds.

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