Growth and development will continue in LIC after Amazon decision

In Long Island City, which was to be the home of the Amazon headquarters, neighbors, businesses and realtors are pushing to make good on some of the infrastructure, transit, and education improvements.

Mary Torres, who is a resident and realtor at Modern Spaces said it all happened in a New York minute and she's continuing to work with her clients.

The area has been a hot spot for more than a decade. Construction projects are in progress and popping up around the LIC streets. The Amazon Headquarters would have brought more urgency to improvement plans.

The Amazon project increased attention for the neighborhood. That has sparked some growth and investment. There could be an adjustment in some of the prices that increased.

Tom Grech with the Queens Chamber of Commerce says the tech community will continue to be a priority and he said its council will continue to increase job training and placement.

Grech said he will continue to coordinate with the residents of Queensbridge Houses and address the promises made to NYCHA residents.

In the statement explaining the decision, Amazon said it would continue to grow its workforce in the region.

Some neighbors expressed concern about the growth of the neighborhood and the impact of thousands of additional people at one time.

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