Thieves target owners warming up car in the morning

ELIZABETH, N.J. -- Every driver hates the feeling of that cold car in the morning this time of year— and now police say car thieves are taking advantage of that fact.

Elizabeth police are warning residents about a recent rash of early morning auto theft. Detectives said in a one hour time-span early Thursday morning thieves stole five cars.

In each case drivers left the engine running to warm it up. One driver only turned his back for a few minutes to move a garbage bin. In another instance the thieves stole a Ford on Spencer Street near the Turnpike, but dumped it in order to upgrade to a Mercedes on Adams Avenue near Newark Airport.

Elizabeth Police said they are advising everyone to just deal with a cold car in the morning rather than risk it.

Most of the cars are being dumped in different locations, but with personal items stolen and parts stolen.

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