Face off: The latest in fighting wrinkles — FaceGym vs. the knife

The ongoing quest to make the most of your face just hit a new wrinkle: a gym-style workout is the latest way to keep what you’ve got looking it’s best.

The promise? According to Sophie Perry with FaceGym they’re not defying gravity, it’s more about “aging gracefully."

FACE GYM, the recent UK Transplant promises to work out the 40-plus muscles of your face starting at $70 a session.

According to Perry, "It's much like the gym. Warm up, cardio, sculpt and cool down. By working out the muscles we lift, sculpt and tone the muscles of your face."

Client Lauren Rineer, 27, says she's new to the face game admitting her routine was just, “Moisturizing in the morning and at night.”

Now she's being massaged, sculpted, getting electrically toned, and even getting their signature ‘IV’ treatment.

"We're using medical grade vitamins and using cold medical grade oxygen and blasting it into her skin," Perry said.

About 45 minutes later, Rineer's skin is more taut and lifted along the cheekbone and eyebrow.

But what if you want more face work than a workout can offer?

Dermatologist Dr. Jody Levine excels at sculpting her patients’ faces with the latest fillers using hyaluronic acid derived from sugars.

Doctors say that age, sun and gravity can all take their toll, but it can be gently undone.

Dr. Levine shows her patient how she lightly plumps the area along the jaw and hairline, "We're going to put a little filler in here and all up here and give you a nice lift of the jaw line."

Beautiful before, the patient, who is in her 60s, looks softer and fuller after. Dr. Levine partners with her husband, plastic surgeon Elie.

The team says it's about a little bit of help over the long haul.

"Start with perfecting tone and texture with facials then move on to peels and laser treatment. It's important to maintain your skin throughout your life. You don't want to go from no maintenance to suddenly needing a face lift."

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