Doughnut Plant celebrates 25th birthday, but its roots date back to World War I

The pioneer of New York artisanal doughnuts is celebrating a milestone.

Doughnut Plant is turning 25 years old, and still expanding! While this is just the New York chain's silver anniversary, its roots date back to World War I.

Founder Mark Isreal's grandfather baked bread and pastries during World War I in France, upon his return to the United States, he opened a bakery in North Carolina.

Decades later, his grandfather's recipes were found in the attic.

After discovering the recipes, Isreal – who was living in New York – began making doughnuts in his Lower East Side apartment in 1994, and hand delivering them to city coffee shops on his bike.

"I was working 20 hours a day and sleeping maybe two hours a night," Israel told PIX.

Word of his artisanal doughnuts spread fast.

Isreal now has five Doughnut Plants across the city, and a lot of loyal customers.

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