Riders react to subway valentine from MTA NYC Transit

The subway sent a valentine to customers this year and some sentiments were sent right back about transit service.

Using the numbers and letters, and the logo for the 23 lines, social media posts circulated on Valentines Day 2019.

The message also appeared on some transit information screens in stations.

"G, I like you a lot" and "You D-light me" were some of the notes to customers.

Some riders appreciated the effort. On twitter, people commented about the dysfunctional relationship.

"Show up when you say you will," said Sarah. "Be reliable, not fickle and only 22 percent accessible."

Kim tweeted a poetical wish about a love affair, saying "You stood me up sometimes leaving me in the pouring rain along the elevated stretches of Fitzgerald's Corona ash heaps."

That's a reference to lines in Queens.

Steve had a confession that he had been cheating with a bicycle.

"Why are you late? You’re not my valentine," said one rider in a conversation at the W 4th Station.

PIX11 New Reporter Greg Mocker writes:

Forget the flowers. Roses don’t have to be red
Please, take me home... no train traffic ahead.

Riders hope this continues to focus attention on funding the transit system and keeps the attention on the demand for improvements.

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