Snow day rap and student ensemble: Jersey school’s putting a spin on snow day announcements

Many districts across New Jersey closed Tuesday because of the snow and some got creative with how they made the announcement to students and staff.

Montville Schools put out an automated call to parents that classes were cancelled, bu tMontville Superintendent Dr. Rene Rovtar also published snow day rap to social media.

"It's a a different way to get the message out," Rovtar said.

The video has hundreds of likes, comments and shares.

"Looking out the window, every hour on the hour. Being Superintendent is cool, cause I got one awesome power. It's a snow day!" she raps in the video.

So why'd she do it?

"I think it's fun," said Rovtar.

The Livingston Public Schools Notations Ensemble also published a video notifying students there about a snow day, which has thousands of views.

This follows a new trend across the country — where educators and students have been stepping up their snow day announcements online.

In Michigan, this snow day video went viral.

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