Dozens of snow plows sabotaged in Mt. Vernon

Posted at 10:29 PM, Feb 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-12 22:29:36-05

MT. VERNON -- One of the benefits of living in our bustling, densely populated region is expecting our tax dollars to salt and plow a clear path to work during a snowstorm.

But on Tuesday morning in Mt. Vernon, residents woke up to hit the road, and got a rude awakening.

Rubber gloves, lots of them, deliberately stuffed, by someone, into the gas tanks of the city’s entire fleet of garbage, plow, and salt trucks -- conveniently – or rather not so conveniently., just in time for Tuesday’s snowstorm.

“Before you know it, all our trucks were down," Mt. Vernon Department of Public Works Garage Superintendent Edgar Torres said. "I’ve been with the city for 18 years. I’ve never seen something like this.”

Mt. Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas is furious, and although he could not offer us any hard proof, insists sabotaging the DPW was payback for his efforts to clean up corruption in Mt. Vernon.

“A lot of enemies have been made since I’ve been cleaning up city hall. At this point, it’s under investigation, it’s hard to tell exactly where the facts are leading us. But what I know is I’m so proud of the department of public works for rallying to be resilient today,” the Mayor said.

By late Tuesday night, everything appeared to be back to normal now. The Public Works Department believes they have all of these rubber gloves pulled out of the gas tanks. Garbage collection will take place one day late, on Wednesday.