Women Auto Know helps take the fear our of car repairs

FLUSHING, Queens — Audra Fordin is a fourth generation auto shop owner and certified mechanic of America's leading auto repair and body shop franchise, Great Bear.

At the age of twelve, she started working side by side with her dad and took over the family business in 1998.

She grew the business consistently until the economic crisis of 2007. The beginning of the recession was a very challenging time for the world, including her shop.

Audra reached into her ingenuity to head off the economic crisis that faced the auto repair industry by reaching out to women and their families in her community.

This was the foundation for Women Auto Know (WAK) and Drivers Auto Know (DAK).

Women Auto Know is a FREE membership-based site that takes the fear out of auto repair.

A community that posts reviews ranking auto repair shops trustworthiness, cleanliness, and other female-friendly attributes, WAK has turned the auto industry on its head.

Through education, community feedback, and peer-to-peer support, Women Auto Know, partnering with local auto shops across the nation, provides women everywhere with the confidence they need to save time, money and increase their automobiles' performance.

The Great Bear Auto Repair Shop is located at 164-16 Sanford Ave. in Flushing.

Women Auto Know have upcoming workshops on Feb. 16, Mar. 16, and Apr. 20.

Upcoming workshops with Women Auto Know.

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