Queens woman claims Amazon sent her an obscene emoji

NEW YORK -- Amazon, one the largest companies in the world, prides itself on its service and customer satisfaction.

Carla Francis, a Queens home attendant and long-time Amazon Prime member, has been generally satisfied with her dealings with the company.

But what happened to her on New Year’s Eve was so shocking that she vows, “I’m never using Amazon again. That’s no way to treat a customer. That’s no way to treat a human being.”

Carla had ordered a hair serum on Amazon Prime in December and expected it to arrive in two days. When she still hadn’t received it two weeks later, she called the company’s customer service line and was told they would cancel the order, give her a refund, and advised her to order it again.

The following day, New Year’s Eve, she says “I woke to the F-U sign.”

There on her cell phone was an email from Amazon Prime, acknowledging her refund and right next to the message was an emoji with a nasty grin and its middle finger raised in the air. That was followed by another email with two of those disgusting emojis, saying the product would arrive on Wednesday. She received five emails in eight minutes, each giving her the finger.

“I was shocked,” Carla said.

She called customer service and was told the emojis would be taken down and the matter would be referred to their “team” for investigation. A supervisor told her, “'We can offer you a $10 coupon to resolve the problem.'"

"I say, 'you’re rude. You just insult me more.'”

No one at Amazon could explain how this happened, though there was speculation it may be the work of a rogue employee. Carla believes it was retaliation for her complaining about the late delivery.

In a statement to PIX11, an Amazon spokesman said: “The product image was changed and we have both fixed the image and taken action on the bad actor.”

It’s been a month since Carla Francis received the shocking emails. She says no one from the Amazon has reached out to her to apologize. What a Shame!

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